Getting The Best Talent In Taxes: Why Work With Recruiters?

12 January 2017
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Does your firm need to find additional hires? Rather than managing the entire process in-house, you might want to consider working directly with a recruiter. Recruiters are able to procure the best talent faster than most in-house HR departments. When it comes to taxation, getting the best talent is usually critical to maintaining clients.

Tax Recruiters Have a Broad Overview of the Talent Available

Tax recruiters are already knowledgeable about the employees that are available. Many of them go to universities to court the talent currently coming out of school — and they also have enough connections that they know the accountants that are coming back on the market. This gives them an inside track to the best-of-the-best. Independent employers, on the other hand, usually have to rely solely on classified ads.

Tax Recruiters Specialize in Matchmaking

Tax recruiters aren't just looking to fulfill your company's requirements. They are looking to create a long-term match between you and your employee. In fact, many recruiters don't even get full payment unless the employee stays for at least a year. Tax recruiters are looking to create a match between employees and company culture, and they know what makes a long-lasting relationship. In the area of tax accounting, culture is often more important than anything else, as there are long hours and stressful situations.

Tax Recruiters Can Dedicate All Their Resources

Even firms that have dedicated HR departments can find it a burden to find new tax accountants. This is especially true because tax recruitment tends to happen seasonally. During tax season, firms often have to recruit more employees and train them as well. The HR department may be too focused on training to really focus on finding and courting the right talent. Recruiters, on the other hand, can devote all their time and resources to the process.

Tax Recruiters May Be Able to Look Globally

Many firms are now outsourcing some of their work to global employees. But this can be a challenge — you never know which employees are well-versed with local tax laws. Tax recruiters often have information on outsourcing companies that can be of use.

Working with recruiters isn't for every business — if you only need to hire one or two employees, you may not need them. But both small businesses and large businesses alike can often benefit from the expertise that a tax recruiter can offer. Tax recruiters can often give you a consultation regarding exactly what their services could do for you. For more information, contact local professionals like Tax Recruiting Specialists.